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How long does it take for an article or book to arrive after I have requested it through Interlibrary Loan? 

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Each request’s turnaround time depends on the specifics of the article or book. 

Articles can usually be expected to arrive within 1 week -- sometimes as soon as within 24 hours, but sometimes as long as two weeks or more, depending on the availability of the item at lending institutions.

A book request may take 3-5 days if it is being shipped within the state of Georgia, but may take longer if it is being shipped from out of state or internationally. Also, if a book is rare, brand new, or otherwise difficult to obtain, it may take up to a month or more to arrive (especially if it has to be shipped from out of the country).

For questions about an ILL Request, please contact the ASU Libraries at 229-430-4805 or 229-317-6766.